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“The Holy Grail of Weight Loss”

Yacon Syrup, the new ‘metabolism Game Changer’ is extracted from the sweet tasting roots of Yacon Molasses. For several years, the plant has been used by the people of Peru for edible purposes. It wasn’t until recently, that the scientists and clinical researchers identified and proved the benefits and efficacy of Yacon syrup for weight loss.
The extract contains natural ingredients like Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) that acts a prebiotic and promotes the proliferation of the Skinny bacteria in the body resulting in less appetite, and hence weight loss, naturally!
Today, Yacon syrup is one of the most popular fat loss supplements available!

How does Yacon Syrup work? Yacon Syrup in Uk

Yacon Syrup contains an abundance of prebiotics, like Insulin and Fructooligosaccharides(FOS), maybe the highest found in any natural health product ever! FOS is well known for its digestion improving abilities, for it resists the breakdown of food by enzymes due to which the food reaches the colon without being digested. It is precisely due to this unique property, a person consumes less calories resulting into a quick weight loss.
Not only does Yacon syrup help in weight loss, it also acts as a soluble fiber, that increases stool mass resulting into a healthy digestive system and controlling digestive problems like constipation or diarrhea. Yacon’s FOS also control.

Why Yacon Syrup?

What does the research say about Yacon?

Researchers have proved, beyond doubt, that Yacon is one of the most effective natural weight loss supplements we ever had. Countless number of studies has been undertaken, to test and prove the health benefits of Yacon. One recent study saw its participants lose as much as 30lbs in a course of just 3 months, without any dieting or heavy exercising.

A noted American physician himself conducted a study consisting of 60 women who were given Yacon syrup for 28 days regularly. They were instructed not to change any part of their routine, food intake or exercise regime. In a way, there were just asked not to interfere with the working of the Yacon Syrup and let the results come about.

Quite surprisingly, 73% of women reported loss on weight (in fact, 14 of them lost as much as 5lbs). On an average, the group showed a reduction of 1.9 inches off their waists and total loss of whopping 153 lbs in just one month.

Apart from weight loss, there are several other potential health benefits of Yacon syrup; however, we need more studies to prove that. Yacon is already been used in several countries to regulate the LDL cholesterol level in the body as well as to control diabetes.

Why Pure Yacon Syrup?

Ever since it’s magical weight loss properties were unearthed by scientists not so long ago, Yacon is making headlines almost everywhere across globe.

Its meteoric rise in popularity has given rise to a swarm of imitators and marketers trying to cash in the huge demand for the health supplement, and make a quick buck. Hence, the consumers are advised to take due diligence in making their purchases, and buy only authentic, 100% natural Yacon.

Many people find consuming syrup too inconvenient, sometimes due to its taste, or commonly due to the fact that carrying the syrup bottle everywhere, especially to work or while eating out at a restaurant.

For this very reason, the makers of Yacon Syrup have also come out with the equally effective, Yacon tablets. You need to consumer two tablets every day, before or with meals.

There is absolutely no difference in how a Yacon syrup or tablet works. They bring out similar results. In fact, many people prefer Yacon tablet over the syrup for the simple reason that it’s more convenient and easier to consume.

Yacon is undoubtedly the most natural, safe, 100% natural food supplement available today.
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Yacon Syrup Molasses Ingredients

Yacon Syrup Molasses Ingredients, What exactly is Yacon Syrup?

Yacon, just like sweet potato, is basically a tuber vegetable that grows high up in the low temperatures of Andes Mountains. Traditionally, it has only been used for edible purposes, due to its sweet taste, low calorie & high fiber content. Till recently the weight loss properties of Yacon Syrup were quite unknown to the world before scientists discovered its potential health benefits.

Just like maple syrup, the Yacon syrup is extracted from Yacon root, in its most natural form, that is rich in natural fiber, contains low calories, and a plenty of other digestive benefits.

Due to its sweet taste, the Yacon syrup is generally likened to the figs, raisins or honey. It has also been used as a healthy alternative to the sugar, for the diabetics, vegans or others looking to reduce their daily sugar intake. Yacon Syrup can be easily used as a natural sweetener in tea or coffee.

How does Yacon help you lose weight?

Yacon contains an abundance of Fructooligosaccharaides(FOS), that assists in the proliferation of good bacteria in the gut. These good bacteria work like wonders to your digestive system. They kill the harmful bacteria; supercharge metabolism and burn excess fat while absorbing nutrients much faster in the body. This way you get the most of the food you eat, never losing it to indigestion.

Scientists have studied the effects of good as well as bad bacteria in the gut, concluding that a balance of both is required to keep a healthy digestive system. A good digestive system helps you burn more fat, absorb nutrients much faster and more efficiently, leading to weight loss.

Yacon Syrup also lowers the level of cholesterol in the liver, which is one of the main reasons of weight gain in the body. It also helps body to regulate the sugar-blood levels in the body, preventing those sugar crashes that are commonly linked to binge eating.

Moreover, Yacon syrup reduces the natural blood supply of Ghrelin, which is also known as ‘Hunger hormone. High levels of Ghrelin in the body are associated with frequent hunger. Low levels of Ghrelin make you crave less for food, making you eat less frequently and much less than you would otherwise, resulting into weight loss.


Yacon Syrup online

Where to buy the best Yacon Syrup online ?

Yacon Syrup is being touted as ‘the next big thing’ in the world of health and fitness. Given the global epidemic of obesity and health issues arising out of it, Yacon Syrup has come as a boon to millions across the world, who have been struggling to fight weight loss, for years.

Yacon Syrup is one rare health supplement that is loaded with benefits, almost unfound in any other weight loss supplement. It contains just the perfect mix of the right, 100% natural ingredients that result in weight loss without needing you to spend countless number of hours in gym, or dieting.

Yacon Syrup has attracted media attention all over the globe, and in fact, has been considered to be the ‘metabolism game changer’ by leading US Talk show host and cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Oz.

The health and weight loss benefits of Yacon syrup were relatively unknown to the world, until a year ago when US scientists undertook their path breaking study. If it weren’t for the study, the almost magical benefits of Yacon Syrup in weight loss, and promoting overall health, it would have been relegated to being just an ordinary natural sweetener in its native place of origin, Peru for a number of years.

Today, Yacon Syrup is one of the most sought after health supplement used by millions across the globe, helping countless in controlling weight gain, lowering cholesterol levels, and preventing or managing diabetes.

Your Topmost Choice – Yacon Root

Many people prefer consuming capsules than the syrup, as a capsule is easy to consume and doesn’t make one cringe with its taste. Evolution Slimming is the only online retailer that provides a convenient alternative to Yacon syrup, in a form of a capsule.

Not only is a capsule easy to consume, but it also ensures you consume the correct dosage every day, every time. All you need is two pills a day, of 500mg of pure Yacon root.

Many people doubt if the capsule will be as effective as syrup. Let us tell you this. There is absolutely no difference in the way how Yacon capsule or Yacon syrup work. They both give exactly the same results. In fact, some people prefer the pills over the syrup as there is no aftertaste.

Another reassurance is that this brand is sold from one of the most reputed retailers, Evolution Slimming, that has, over the years, earned a formidable reputation for making 100% natural, clinically tried and tested, very effective supplements that conform to strict governing laws and quality standards.
A customer testimonial says:

I have used several supplements in so many years now, nothing has impressed me as much as the 100% natural Yacon pills, whose effects are just fantastic. I lost over 8 lbs in just 3 weeks. All I did was to replace the regular sugar with Yacon capsule, consuming minimum 2 capsules a day. I would strongly recommend this tablet to everyone out there who wants to stay healthy and fit. Full marks to Yacon Pills….Jeremy Butler, USA.

Recommended Brand #2 The Yacon Diet – Our second choice

We provide a complete weight loss and fitness package consisting of Yacon Root extract capsules and 100% pure Yacon syrup.

For best results, take 2 pills a day, 500 mg each, twice a day; one before breakfast with water, the second just before or with your Lunch or the next meal.
The Yacon Syrup can be a good, healthy alternative to the regular sugar, and can be added to tea or coffee or wherever you need to add sugar. The idea is to make Yacon syrup as your first choice of natural sweetener, preferred over the regular sugar.

One month package consisting of Capsules and the syrup costs only $52 plus it includes a lifetime membership of slimming+, that offers plenty of diet tracking tools, meal ideas and exercise plans.